Born in Spain, Valentin CARO, received  his  professional training at 
the School of  Fine  Arts in Madrid.  He  established  himself  in Paris in 
1985,  his  work at  that time exemplifying the full-blown hyper-realism
typical of Madrid.

    His basic style was quick to evolve. It successfully informed  a  body
 of work  that  found a home in various group showings, was exhibited
in   world   cultural  capitals,  and entered  as  well  numerous  private 

    Sculpture as  well  as performance  art and  ad hoc installation works
have reinforced  Valentin Caro's  reputation as an internationally known
artist.  Valentin CARO  is  as  well  a  writer, who has been published in 
various  periodicals.  Rigth  now  he  is  as  well  putting  the  finishing 
touches to a book on time, space, and infinity inspired by Kant's theory
of the world as representation:
 "VITAL" story science-fiction:   &

    Having done well over a thousand  figurative paintings,  both medium
and  large  in  format,  he  has  now started a series of paintings on the 
role  of  women.  The  artist treats this subject in a minimalist manner,
allowing  an  image,  free  of  parasites  and  souvenirs - immaculate - 
to emerge.