Painter Valentin Caro

  Valentin Caro was born in Madrid in 1956 in a working class family who struggled with the economical and ideological difficulties of post war Spain. 
  After his secondary studies, Valentin joigned a college of medicine.
  In 1975, during the cultural explosion of the Movida he meets the painter Antonio Lopez and frequently works with David Nevreda. He then decides to leave the university and start an artistic career.
  In 1982, he feels that he should join a city of important geographical, cultural and financial interest und settles in Paris.
  Today, his work is regularly exposed and he occasionally shows his paintings in his work shop to a few priviliged collectors.
  In 2005, he starts writing books and publishes political texts in Centerpoint Now (annexed to United Nations).
  He wrote a few books about philosophy and fiction in which conscience is highlighted.